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Taylor is a healer, a doula of transformation and guide through consciousness evolution.

She works through several modalities to train in self development, heal on all levels of existence and support her clients in connecting to their own unique blueprint. She works with every individual to cultivate a way of life that is fundamentally proactive, embracing what makes you different and building upon it. She specializes in understanding how to master your life in a body and live in accordance with your highest purpose and destiny. You will begin to master both the physical ordinary world and the world of spirit.


Tools of yogic philosophy and practice

She works with individual women and groups using the tools of yogic philosophy and practice, clear communication, setting goals, defining your dreams, balancing the emotional body, transforming subconscious patterns and developing deeper sensitivity to self and others through awareness practice. You will cultivate the ability to sense the most subtle ripples in the human experience. This is a movement to an unobstructed self. This work is for anyone that wishes to excel in their profession, create energetic relationships, a creative mind and maximize their performance throughout all areas of life.

Treatments  ――  Sessions


Kambo reveals our own unique blueprint, uncoiling us to heal on a quantum level.

Exploring a relationship with Kambo supports us in clearing distortions and blockages from the outer most physical to the inner most subconscious layer of ourselves. The secretion of this Frog has been found throughout centuries to have a plethora of healing powers. Kambo treatment empowers the physical body, aligning the energetic body to deeper levels of harmony as well as unwinding karmic patterns that block us from fulfilling our blueprint here in this lifetime.


IV Therapy

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A biological response modifier, enhancing the functionality of your cells to support the body in regaining homeostasis in the face of disease, virus’s, a weakened immune system and more.


A coenzyme that powers the metabolic function of your body improving digestion, cognition, mental clarity, aging and overall energy levels.

Treatments  ――  Sessions


A high-speed mindset change process that helps clear limiting beliefs at the subconscious level and support growth in every area of life.

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Taylor is a devoted teacher and student of Kundalini Tantra and Kundalini Yoga by the master Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga

Taylor is a devoted teacher and student of Kundalini Tantra and Kundalini Yoga by the master Yogi Bhajan.

She teaches globally for her retreats, workshops and festivals, as well as publically and privately in the Los Angeles area. Her extensive study of the lineage through her teachers, Tej Kaur Khalsa, Harijiwan Singh Khalsa and Guru Singh have led her to the forefront of a progressive yogic movement steeped deeply in lineage and tradition. Please inquire for private training or check the trainings and events page for up and coming happenings.


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