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The 40 day MetaHealing program is a deeply heart centered transformational program providing true metamorphosis.

This program consists of frequency-infused meditative processes to support transformation and balance to all areas of your life. As we join together each day, a nourishing salve will be alchemized, providing adaptogenic energy medicine to the parts of your life that need it most. This will be a journey towards embodying your self awareness, activating untapped abilities and developing a path to lasting change within and without.

This program provides the support along the way on one of the most important paths to development, consistency. Every meditation contains powerful frequencies that work at the quantum level acting as nano vibrations to support you shift on the deepest cellular level. This shifts the mental, emotional and physical codes within you even as you simply join and listen. As your core frequency shifts, so does all parts of your life. This is beyond willpower, manifestation and positive thinking your patterns away…we are tuning your vibration to a new frequency level. When you tune the frequency, issues of the past cease to be an obstacle because you’re not meeting them on the same level, therefore you have the true experience of exploring life from your highest potential.

Taylor utilizes a spherical approach to learning, helping you rewire your brain for success while you’re listening. You become and embody the knowledge – embodiment being the key for this practice to be grounded in your every day life.

You may experience shifts in all aspects of your life, from attitudes to belief systems to relationships or physical circumstances. That which doesn’t serve your higher potential may fall away creating space for new opportunities and ways of living to emerge. This 40 day program offers a path to continual life transformation. Each session you choose to participate, you pick up where you left off, building upon your current state of being and continuing the path of embodying yourself more deeply. Each day of this program offers insights, higher truth and unique perspectives on reality, life and the mechanics of embodying your blueprint.


Taylor’s MetaHealings launch every Winter and Summer Solstice so that you may join along on the live journey.

You may also participate in these programs on your own through the membership and practice all 40 meditations at your convenience by way of a self motivated practice. You will have access to these practices upon purchase until the following Solstice.

The course stays on the membership until December 20, 2021. The next course launches December 21st, 2021.

You can also use these teachings over and over, to dive deeper into the pieces that you most deeply resonate with. They are sequential and equally stand on their own. Use your intuition when going through this practice. There is no right or wrong way to explore MetaHealing.


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3 payments of $120


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