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Cha Dao

Cha Dao “The Way of Tea” is a practice that comes from the ancient Chinese lineage. It has been used since its discovery by the Daoists and Sages as a form of medicine and a way to cultivate awakened presence, sustaining long states of meditation.

Tea is a the great plant teacher, utilized with all the 5 elements it becomes a practice in a steamy bowl of warmth and connection. When we work with Tea in ceremony, we explore pure presence, the essence of all that is. Tea meets us exactly where we are and gives exactly what is needed. This plant teacher often referred to as feminine is a graceful, strong and compassionate teacher. She offers us gentle guidance, showing us doorways of possibilities. Every ceremony is completely unique, every time we sit we experience something new. I call this a true happening, we will never have a ceremony with tea the same way ever again, thus inviting us to relish in impermanence. In doing so, we learn to delight in the gratitude of what is and what will never be again. My journey with tea began in 2008 and my life was forever changed. Moved by this spirit I have traveled to the far reaches of the world to commune with her. She has helped me celebrate life, heal my heartbreak, dance to the rhythm of the elements and connect with the people I love most. Forever her humble student and I look forward to serving you.

Exploring the medicine
and spirit of Tea:

Traditional Tea Ceremony
Tea is a beautiful way to come together and share space, presence, and heartfelt intention. This offering can be experienced in my tea sanctuary in Silverlake, in your home or place of choice. You can sit alone, with a loved one or in a group setting. On average each ceremony can last between 1-2 hours.

Essentially tea can be had in many ways. It can be as simple as an intention to gather and share with one another, or can be used as a ceremony for a special occasion celebration. From birthdays, to new and full moons, wedding showers or just because.


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